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Get a 39-inch Roku TV for just $200

This Insignia has the best smart-TV interface built right in, and it's on sale for $80 off. Plus: A sweet deal on Amazon's first-gen Echo and even sweeter one on an Xbox gem.

Come for the 39-inch screen, stay for the built-in Roku interface.
Best Buy

Quick update regarding yesterday's Fitbit Versa deal: Some folks were able to get it, some got a "code not valid for this item" message. For the record, I received and successfully applied my own code yesterday morning. Not sure why Macy's changed course mid-day. I am sure it was maddening.

As of this morning, it appears the Versa is sold out at Macy's. Needless to say, I'll keep my eyes out for future deals!

Speaking of eyes, feast yours on this: Today only, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Insignia 39-inch Roku TV for $199.99 shipped (plus tax). That's $80 off the regular price. For what it's worth, Best Buy is also running sales on the 32- and 49-inch models, but the savings aren't as great.

This isn't the greatest TV deal I've ever seen; it's just a really good one. Insignia is Best Buy's house brand, and one need look no further than the 7,500-plus (!) user reviews -- which average out to 4.5 stars -- to know people like it.

The NS-39DR510NA17 is a 38.5-inch 1080p TV (4K would be wasted at this size, in my humble opinion) with three HDMI inputs -- so plenty of room for a cable box, game console and whatnot.

But you won't need an Amazon Fire TV or the like because Roku is baked right in. That's such a great amenity, as it's one less remote to juggle, one less hassle jumping between inputs.

Take note, however, that you're missing out on two pretty great features available in some standalone Roku devices: The remote lacks both voice-recognition and a headphone jack (though you can work both by leveraging your phone).

And if you take advantage of this deal, here are 13 Roku tricks you should try.

I'm liking this for a den or bedroom, someplace that doesn't need a ginormous screen but would benefit from a simple TV with an awesome smart interface.

That said, as with any TV, I always recommend a sound bar. As luck would have it, Best Buy also has this Insignia model on sale for $49.99. It's not only a sound bar, but also a Bluetooth speaker.

Your thoughts?


The original Echo: a steal at $65.


Bonus deal: I bought the first-gen Amazon Echo way back when nobody (including Amazon) knew what the heck a smart speaker was, and it continues to serve me well. In fact, I like it better than its successor because it's topped by that awesome volume dial.

Want one? For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon Prime subscribers can buy the refurbished first-gen Echo (black or white) for $64.99 -- the lowest price I can recall seeing.

The current-gen Echo sells for $100, though no doubt we'll see a few sales as Mother's Day, Father's Day and Prime Day get closer. But I like this a lot at $65, only $15 higher than the speaker-challenged Echo Dot. (Remember when these were $169?!)

Also, it comes with a full one-year warranty, same as a new one. And it's Amazon-certified to look and operate like new. 


The Xbox One version of this awesome open-world game is on sale for only $6.

Square Enix

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! Xbox One owners, this is for you: The Microsoft Store has the free-wheeling open-world action game Just Cause 3 for just $6 (regular price $30). Or get the XL Edition for just $9 (regular price $45). The latter includes a bunch of expansion stuff.

Either way, you're in for a bonkers adventure, a "power fantasy in every sense of the phrase, placing you in a world rife with destructible environments and giving you creative instruments with which to destroy them." That's according to GameSpot's Just Cause 3 review, which culminated with an 8/10 rating.

That review cited some irksome bugs, but hopefully the developer has ironed them out since the game's 2015 release. Even so, $6 for a game that once cost $60 is pretty hard to pass up.

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