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George Lucas' art museum might go ahead after all

The Star Wars creator's new designs for the Museum of Narrative Art have finally attracted interest from locals in one of two proposed locations.

This is one of the designs proposed for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.
Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

After years of setbacks, George Lucas has revealed new designs and a couple of competing locations for his Museum of Narrative Art.

The museum building has been designed by Chinese architect Ma Yansong, the LA Times reports, and has two potential locations: Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay and Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that local officials are receptive to the Treasure Island site.

"I'm not an architectural expert, but I do like the cloud concept and I do think it's a spectacular site," Jane Kim, who represents Treasure Island on the Board of Supervisors, told the Chronicle.

The Lucas museum proposal for Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The new building, which looks like either a spaceship or a cloud, will include theaters, a 4,200-square-foot drop-in library, classrooms and several restaurants.

The museum is designed to exhibit works from Lucas himself -- who got the whole "Star Wars" juggernaut started -- as well as from sources as diverse as ancient Greece, Norman Rockwell and Harry Potter.

In 2014 Lucas had hopes for Chicago as a potential site for the museum, but the plans drew hostility from locals who wanted to keep the land public, despite already housing two high-rise car parks.

The LA Times says Lucas is expected to choose a location for the museum early in 2017.