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Foxtel Play now on PS4

Foxtel's IPTV app is now on the PlayStation 4, just one month after it arrived on the PS3.

At the start of last month, Sony and Foxtel announced that the Foxtel Play app was landing on the PS3.

(Credit: Foxtel )

At the time, both companies said a PS4 version was coming "soon". It looks like they weren't kidding either, with the Play app ready to be installed on your PS4 dashboard today.

As usual, Play has no contracts, works as a month-to-month subscription and still allows for you to use Go.

This also means the PS4 now has both Quickflix and Foxtel Play as native apps, while the Xbox One still awaits the arrival of either...

You'll find the Play app on the PSN store. Remember, if your PS4 is in standby mode and you have it set up for automatic updates, you can grab the Play app via the store's web interface and have it downloaded automatically during the day.