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Foxtel Play lands on LG smart TVs

Foxtel's IPTV service is now available on selected models of LG's 2013 range of smart TVs.

Foxtel Play, the box-free IPTV service from Foxtel, is now available as an app on selected models of LG's current smart TV range.

(Credit: Foxtel)

Foxtel Play allows people to access a range of Foxtel live and on-demand services without needing a dedicated set-top box — as an IP service, you simply watch your shows via a home computer or one of a number of selected devices.

Previously, that's only been the Xbox 360 and some Samsung TVs. Now, LG TVs are joining that list, with a Foxtel Play app now available via LG's SmartWorld app store.

The models that will run the Foxtel Play service are:

60LA8600; 55LA8600; 60LA7410; 55LA7400; 55LA6620; 50LA6620; 47LA6620; 42LA6620; 60LA6230; 55LA6230; 50LA6230; 42LA6230; 32LA6230; 60LN5710; 55LN5710; 42LN5710; 55LA6200; 55LA6910; 42LA6910.

With Foxtel Play on Xbox 360 proving popular, we'd anticipate that Foxtel will make more announcements regarding Play compatibility across other devices, including the Xbox One, in the near future.