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Foxtel adds more full seasons to on-demand TV

Binge watchers rejoice: Foxtel is making more full seasons of TV programs available via on-demand, including Game of Thrones and Veep.

If it's one thing we learned from Netflix original programs — such as House of Cards and 0Orange is the New Black — it's that people love to binge watch.

Seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones are now available on Foxtel. (Credit: HBO)

That's when you settle down into the couch and just shovel as many episodes of a TV show into your brain as you possibly can. We'd all done it with DVDs, of course, but with video on demand you don't even need to get up and swap discs.

Foxtel now has 13 "Complete Seasons" (as the company is styling it) from 11 shows, all available via internet-connected Foxtel iQ boxes, or the Foxtel Play app on PC, Mac, selected LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox 360 and some Samsung home entertainment devices.

In terms of small screen, the Complete Seasons will be on Foxtel Go which works on iPad and selected tablets and smartphones.

The list of all available seasons is below. While we'd suggest that some shows will have greater appeal than others, we think this is a pretty good step towards a "watch what you want, when you want, how you want" experience.

  • Game of Thrones Season 2

  • Game of Thrones Season 3

  • Veep Season 1

  • Veep Season 2

  • Coast Australian Season 1

  • Aussie Pickers Season1

  • Wentworth Season 1

  • Grand Designs Australia Season 4

  • Embarrassing Bodies Down Under Season 1

  • Location, Location, Location Australia Season 1

  • Paddock to Plate Season 1

  • River Cottage Australia Season 1

  • Selling Houses Australia Season 6