First Samsung 8K TV may launch this month

One really big sign to points to Samsung unveiling a real 8K TV at IFA 2018.

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Many of us haven't even upgraded to 4K yet, but Samsung may be preparing to launch the first 8K QLED model during IFA at the end of August. That's based on the really big sign the company's already posted in Berlin, where the show is taking place.

Twitter poster @LeogringoD mentioned last week, with a photo of a Samsung sign boasting "QLED 8K Prepare to be amazed at IFA" and "See nothing else":

It's not news that Samsung's been working on an 8K set. The company first showed the Q9S at CES 2018 in January, and quietly announced in a presentation at the QLED and Advanced Display conference in June that it would be releasing several 8K models this year. But thus far, exact timing and price have remained a secret. 

Samsung's not the only company working on one, either. At CES, LG showed it's huge 88-inch 8K OLED concept model as well.

Now it looks like you might even be able to gift yourself one for the holidays. But would you want to? We still haven't seen 4K content prevail over HD in the mass market, and the necessary power and bandwidth to transmit and create 8K content is just beginning to arrive. Though if Nvidia really announces a GeForce-line RTX 2080 next week at Gamescom as is rumored, you might want to connect the TV to your gaming PC, since there's still only one 8K monitor available.

We asked Samsung to comment and expand on the billboard's meaning, but didn't immediately hear back.

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