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Feed your turntable with The Sound of Vinyl shopping service

With exclusive albums and personalized offers, the Universal-backed service is making old new again.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Eager to add to your record collection? The Sound of Vinyl is a new way to feed your turntable with new and classic tunes.

Backed by industry heavyweight Universal Music Group, the Sound of Vinyl lets members buy platters online from a catalog of over 20,000 titles. The service also promises to helps users discover records based what they like and own already.

Recorded music up for grabs includes a wide range of genres from rock, jazz and R&B to hip-hop. The Sound of Vinyl expects to debut exclusive tunes too from artists such as Henry Rollins, Young Guru and others.

If you still don't know what you want, the service will ping potential shoppers text messages and emails filled with weekly specials and curated packages. If you like the sound of something, just reply "YES" and they'll send it to you.