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Evesham 47": Cheap Full HD LCD TV

Roll up, roll up! Get yourself on the 1080p Full HD bandwagon with the cheapest 47-inch display we've seen

We all know Full HD 1080p tellies are teef. You can spend upwards of £3,500 on a 46-inch Sony, so what hope is there for the broke, stinking proletariat?

Fear not -- Evesham chief executive Richard Austin seems to have handed us a lifeline. Possibly feeling a twinge of guilt after splashing a tramp with freezing puddle water while driving one of his many sports cars, he's just given the go-ahead to unleash a massive 47-inch LCD for just £1,899.

"Evesham?" you might say. "They make affordable PCs -- they've no business making Full HD tellies," you might continue. "It'll blue-screen the minute I switch it on, or worse, explode like those hazardous Dell laptops", you could conceivably surmise.

Okay, so Evesham isn't one of the most recognisable names in TV, but the Evesham 47" seems to be packing everything you'd need -- it's widescreen, runs at 1,920x1,080 pixels (that's Full HD 1080p, kids), and has brightness and contrast ratios of 550cd/m2 and 1600:1 respectively. As for inputs, you get two Scarts, one HDMI (get yourself a splitter), component S-video and D-Sub.

You even get a three-year warranty, so if there's a problem someone will come to your home and swap out your broken one -- it's pretty darn good on the whole. You can get the Evesham 47", or its £1,400 42" brother, from the Evesham Web site. -RR