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Enclave Cinehome II brings wireless audio to home cinema

The Enclave CineHome WiSA systems bring wireless 5.1 surround sound to your living room with prices starting at $1,000.


Back in 2016, wireless HDMI was going to be the technology of the future -- it promised wide bandwidth audio and video without the bulk of cables. But based on the lack of activity in the years since, we were beginning to think we might get personal jetpacks before we get high-quality wireless AV zipping around our living rooms.

Now, along comes Enclave Audio with its latest take on the wireless audio-only standard WiSA. The company debuted the CineHome system back in 2016 which was pretty good if a little too plasticky in construction. The new Cinehome II update not only shaves $200 off the price but it offers looks more befitting of a $1,000 system. (International pricing isn't available, but that price converts to about £700 or AU$1,470.)  

WiSA has appeared in numerous products over the years -- it's in LG OLEDs and Xbox Ones -- but only a handful of companies have made speakers using it. Most of these are high-end products from the likes of Bang & Olufsen and Harman Kardon, which makes a budget offering from Enclave more than welcome.

The company is offering two systems, the CineHome II ($900) and CineHome Pro ($1,500) which both consist of three wireless front speakers (left, right and center), two wireless rear speakers (left and right), and a wireless subwoofer. The speakers connect to the power and operate over a proprietary wireless system. No Wi-Fi required.

If you own an LG TV, you can add a $230 WiSA dongle which enables it to act as a control hub by pumping out wireless audio to all of your speakers. Alternatively, Enclave offers the CineHub ($150 or $100 bundled) which includes Dolby, DTS and PCM decoding in addition to e/ARC, Optical, Bluetooth and Analog inputs.

One criticism we made of the WiSA system in 2016 is that it could only handle lower-definition formats and not Dolby True HD or even Atmos. Sadly this is still the case.

The CineHome II and CineHome Pro surround speakers are available now.