Elac Debut 3.0 Speakers Promise Even Better Performance

The new budget range is Debut's first update in six years and the first without Andrew Jones.

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Ty Pendlebury

Elac has unveiled the latest version of its budget-friendly Debut home speakers with the impending release of the Debut 3.0 range, with prices starting at $300.

The Debut 3.0 line will include two sets of bookshelf speakers, two floorstanders, a pair of center speakers and a dedicated surround/Atmos speaker set. 


The Debut DB63 is a 6.5-inch bookshelf speaker for $450


The speakers include some design changes, including a newly-developed aluminum dome tweeter which the company says "significantly enhances audio performance." The range also incorporates aramid (glass) fiber drivers, improved internal bracing, and are easier to drive with an amplifier.

This range represents the company's first Debut models following the departure of its previous designer, and Debut's creator, Andrew Jones in 2022. The Debut and Debut 2.0 were both outstanding performers for the money, and I'm looking to see how the new versions compare.

The range, which will be available in the fall, is as follows: 

  • DB53-BK ($350): 5.25-inch bookshelf speakers (pair) 
  • DB63-BK ($450): 6.5-inch bookshelf speakers (pair)
  • DF53-BK ($450): 3-way 5.25-inch floorstanding speaker (each) 
  • DF63-BK ($500): 3-way 6.5-inch floorstanding speaker (each)
  • DC53-BK ($300): dual 5.25-inch center speaker (each) 
  • DC63-BK ($400): dual 6.5-inch center speaker (each) 
  • DA43-BK ($500): 4-inch Dolby Atmos/on-wall speaker (pair)