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DTS Play-Fi makes some noise with new music products, updated app

The first major update to the multiroom audio system brings products from new partners as well as support for more services, such as multiroom Spotify Connect.

The Omni S6 is one of the new products to support DTS Play-Fi. Polk

New additions to DTS' Play-Fi ecosystem announced today bring a new user interface, a selection of new hardware partners and support for further streaming services.

The US surround-sound company has announced new partners Martin Logan, McIntosh, Paradigm and UK company Arcam, which join existing Play-Fi manufacturers such as Polk and Wren.

Highlights of the new ranges include the new Wren V3US wireless speaker ($399), the Polk Omni S6 ($350), a Fusion Play-Fi server ($999) for the custom install market, the Martin Logan Crescendo X ($999), the McIntosh MB50 Media Streamer and the Paradigm PW Link ($349) with its own calibration software.


Play-Fi is an open standard for multiroom audio streaming that offers cross-compatibility among different companies, as well as operating over standard Wi-Fi, instead of a proprietary mesh network.

The Play-Fi app has undergone its first major update since it was released in 2013 with a new streamlined design, a "switch" feature for transferring music between speakers and a new help feature. The app is already on iPhone and iPad and will come to Android later in the year.

DTS says the Play-Fi app now supports the audiophile and hip-hop friendly service Tidal, multiroom Spotify Connect (by enabling users to group speakers in the DTS app and address them as one speaker), plus Rdio and Rhapsody.

Lastly, DTS says the $14.95 Play-Fi HD Driver for Windows will now support AV sync for better compatibility with video streams when played over a Play-Fi system.

The new range of Play-Fi products will start shipping from October through to December 2015.