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Doctor Who returns 30 March ahead of 50th birthday special

Doctor Who returns to our screens on Saturday 30 March, in the lead-up to the programme's 50th anniversary.

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Richard Trenholm
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The Doctor is back in the house this Easter. Doctor Who returns to our screens on Saturday 30 March, in the lead-up to the programme's historic 50th anniversary this year.

The TARDIS returns on the bank holiday weekend, so we can watch the Doctor's latest adventure while stuffing our faces with Easter eggs and not worrying about work.

There are eight episodes, once again starring Matt Smith as the bow-tied Time Lord, and featuring Jenna-Louise Coleman as mysterious new companion Clara.

Apparently this is the second half of season seven, even though it's six whole months since the first half of series seven ended. Honestly, when did this this mid-season break business become a thing? 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, which first materialised on British tellies on 23 November 1963. To celebrate, the BBC is planning a birthday bonanza of Who-themed hullabaloo. Each month sees a screening of classic episodes from each Doctor at the BFI and the programme gets back to its educational roots in a partnership with the Science Museum. There will also be commemorative Royal Mail stamps in March.

A series of documentaries fill follow series seven, including a one-hour 50th anniversary special -- presumably on the anniversary itself, which handily falls on a Saturday, and is heavily rumoured to feature the return of every Doctor -- as well as An Adventure in Time and Space, a 90-minute drama about the genesis of the show written by Mark Gatiss.

Are you looking forward to the return of Doctor Who? Will you be celebrating the Doctor's 50th birthday? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or go on a journey through time and space to our Facebook page for a first glimpse of how Daleks celebrate a birthday.