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DirecTV Now ups cord-cutter game with cloud DVR soon, 4K later

A slew of cool new features are in store for AT&T's live-streaming TV service, including the long-promised cloud DVR and a new interface this year, and 4K HDR video in 2018.


Cloud DVR. 4K HDR. User profiles. Downloads for offline viewing.

These features are all coming to DirecTV Now soon. When they arrive, the live TV streaming service, owned by AT&T, will be among the most feature-rich ways to cut the cable TV cord

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The service, which starts at $35 per month, competes directly against cable and satellite TV, as well as similar Internet-based live TV providers like YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, and PlayStation Vue. In our reviews we lauded its channel selection for the price, but said it really needs a cloud DVR to help it compete.

Here's what's in store:


  • Cloud DVR: The ability to record shows to the cloud for viewing later will roll out starting this summer in a beta for "invited" subscribers. It will be available to everyone in the fall and will include the ability to pause live TV.
  • New interface: AT&T is calling it a "next-generation platform" that will eventually make its way to DirecTV's satellite service and AT&T's Uverse.  
  • Parental controls: They'll also arrive in the fall update.


  • 4K HDR video: DirecTV Now is the first such service to promise 4K resolution and high dynamic range video, much like Netflix and Amazon offer now.
  • User profiles: Much like PlayStation Vue and Hulu (as well as Netflix) offer already, this feature lets different family members get customized lists of recorded shows and recommendations.
  • Download and go: This would be another first for a TV streaming service: the ability to download shows to watch offline, without an internet connection, on phones and tablets. See also: Netflix and Amazon.

We're looking forward to checking out the updates.