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Dick Smith reveals May 28 Chromecast launch date for Australia

Dick Smith looks set to bring Google Chromecast to Australia this month with the retailer launching pre-orders for the device on its website before quickly pulling the page offline.

As seen in a cached version of the page, Dick Smith advertised Chromecast pre-orders before pulling the page from its website. Screenshot by Claire Reilly/CNET

Unveiled by Google in 2013, the media streaming device was launched across 11 countries in March 2014, though Australia was left off this initial list. While Google would not comment on an official launch date for the local market, CNET previously reported that the device would be released in Australia in May 2014.

Yesterday, Dick Smith's website was advertising pre-orders for the Chromecast, with a selling price of AU$49 and a release date of May 28, 2014. Although the page appeared without an image, full specs and delivery details were available for the product. The product has since been pulled from the site.

CNET sought word from Dick Smith on whether the Chromecast will still launch as advertised and whether it will sell as an exclusive, but the retailer declined to comment.