Comcast is releasing its first smart TV

It's partnering with Hisense for the XClass TV.

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Comcast XClass TV

Comcast's XClass TV line will be available from some Walmart stores this week.


Comcast is getting into TV hardware and going direct-to-consumer, it said Tuesday, by partnering with Hisense to release the XClass TV. The 4K Ultra HD line available from Walmart stores this week, and will come to Walmart's website in the coming weeks.

The 43-inch model will cost $298, while the 50-inch option will set you back $348, according to Variety. Both include Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 support, and can enable the pass-through of Dolby Atmos surround sound from compatible content when connected to a compatible audio device.

You'll also get a free year of Peacock Premium, which normally costs $50.

The XClass TVs use a version of Comcast's X1 operating system (as previously revealed by Protocol), which powers its set-top boxes and Xfinity Flex streaming box. Unlike with those boxes, you won't need an Xfinity subscription to use the XClass TVs. The same platform can also be found in Comcast's Sky Glass streaming TV in the UK and its XiOne global streaming box.

"We're thrilled to bring our award-winning entertainment experience to smart TVs nationwide and for the first time offer consumers inside and outside our service areas a simple way to navigate their live and on demand content, whether streaming or cable," Sam Schwartz, Comcast's chief business development officer, said in a release.