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Cineworld gives online booking fees the long kiss goodnight

The cinema chain has slayed booking fees and offers a 10 per cent discount for registered users of mycineworld service.

Cineworld has stripped off. All booking fees, that is.

The cinema chain, which has 79 cinemas around the UK, is claiming it's the first picturehouse in Blighty to give booking fees the long kiss goodnight -- so shake a tail feather Empire, Odeon, Vue et al, or we're breaking up with you.

Cineworld partially removed booking fees last year, by trialing the new feeless regime in Scotland. But now, after extensive research and testing, it has indeed confirmed filmgoers don't like paying silly fees to see films. Hooray for common sense -- albeit what took you so long?

More than three-quarters of the 2,000-odd punters polled on behalf of Cineworld said ditching booking fees would encourage them to book online. In other bleedingly obvious research, bears told us they are especially fond of seeking out wooded areas when nature calls.

Fee-less bookings are not the only welcome news for Cineworld goers either -- the booking-fee-slayer is also discounting tickets booked online by a tidy 10 per cent. Nice!

To get this discount you need to register for its mycineworld service via the Cineworld website -- or Cineworld's Android or iPhone apps -- so the company can pump the digital equivalent of freshly popped popcorn right into your inbox.

Justin Skinner, VP of marketing at Cineworld said, "This is a game-changer for the leisure and entertainment industry; booking fees are disliked by customers and the notion of a discount for booking online is synonymous with the web. Cineworld is delighted to be taking the lead in our industry by removing booking fees and lowering prices online."

Are you going to be munching more of Cineworld's popcorn now that it's ditched booking fees? Or are you more outraged at the outrageously high price of popcorn? Tell us what you think in the comments or visit our booking-fee-less Facebook page.