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CEDIA sights, sounds: New audio products that knock your socks off

The Audiophiliac goes on the prowl for the best new audio products at the CEDIA Expo in Denver.

Steve Guttenberg

The Audiophiliac has been prowling the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo in Denver over the past several days, looking for the latest and greatest audio products.

The new McIntosh turntable Steve Guttenberg

McIntosh's MT-10 turntable ($8,000) caused a stir. The turntable's bearing uses opposing magnets to "float" the platter and keep noise low.

Def Tech's ST speaker looks prettier with its grille on. Steve Guttenberg

I was blown away by Definitive Technology's new Mythos ST speakers ($3,600/pair). The skinny speakers somehow deliver truly deep bass, and the midrange and treble ranges were also exceptional.

Krell's iPod dock on steroids, the KID (Krell Interface Dock, $1,500) can be used with the stereo 150 watt Papa Dock, price TBA). This ultimate audio dock boasts Krell's over-the-top build quality.

Krell's ultimate iPod dock and 150 watt stereo amp Steve Guttenberg

Soundmatters gave me a sneak preview of its yet-unnamed micro iPod speaker. The little thing is only about six inches long and two inches high, but delivers shockingly powerful bass. Holding the little thing in my hand I thought it could double as a massager. Should be out early next year for around $200.

Soundmatters micro speaker pumps out bass. Steve Guttenberg

I checked out the new Snell Acoustics' Reference Tower A7 speaker and didn't find it the least bit boring. It doesn't photograph well, but trust me, the A7's luscious curves and exquisite finish more than justify its price tag of $35,000 for the pair. Oh, and it sounds amazing too.

The Audiophiliac takes in the new mega Snell. Steve Guttenberg

Thiel Audio's new CS 3.7 ($9,900/pair) features remarkable drivers, created by chief designer, Jim Thiel. The speaker's resolution of fine detail ensures its future as an audiophile classic.

Dig those crazy drivers. Steve Guttenberg