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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube kit teaches kids the power of DIY

Just in time for summer, Bose is releasing a step-by-step build kit that breaks down the science of sound and shows kids how to build their own functioning Bluetooth speaker.


The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is available at build.bose.com


School may be out for the summer, but Bose is showing its commitment to the next generation of tinkerers with the launch of BOSEbuild, a new category of products designed to empower kids through discovery and education.

The first product in the series is the $149 (about £111 or $200 AU) BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker Cube, a step-by-step build kit with an accompanying iOS app that breaks down the science of sound.

The project is best for students that are 8 years old and up, but it's specifically made to be put together without extra help from an adult, so there's no soldering, software programming or difficult assembly required.

The only thing you need is a compatible iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 8 or newer (you can see a complete list here) to see the free companion app with the instructions to build a complete Bluetooth speaker.


BOSEbuild Speaker Cube


Along the way, students will learn about how basic components like the power supply, control panel, magnet, and coil all work together to produce sound.

For this purpose, Bose made the Speaker Cube larger than others so students can easily see how the parts will eventually fit into the housing.

Creativity is just as important as education, so Bose even allows kids to customize their cubes with multiple LED color light options and eight different silhouette covers for the outer faceplates.

There's even a set of LEDs in the box that can dance with the beat if you want to get the party started early.

Bose tells us the whole Speaker Cube build should take about an hour or two for a young person to complete, but the app also opens plenty of avenues for kids to take a deeper look at the subjects that interest them. Finally, the company is working on more BOSEbuild kits to satisfy curious minds, so keep a lookout for those coming soon.

The BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker Cube is on sale in the US right now for $149. That's about £111 in the UK or $200 in Australia, but there's no word yet on availability in those countries.