Blu-ray vs HD DVD: Captain Jack lays the smackdown on Neo

If you thought the HD DVD versus Blu-ray battle was just about hardware, think again -- now we've got <em>The Matrix</em> fighting <em>Pirates of the Caribbean</em> in this ever more ridiculous format scuffle

Ian Morris
2 min read

In the HD DVD versus Blu-ray shin-kicking contest there are many victories claimed, most of them by the Blu-ray camp. This week is no exception, as the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies on Blu-ray outsold The Matrix trilogy on HD DVD. The good news is that together, consumers spent about $2m on these films, which can only be viewed as good news for the hi-def formats.

According to US site The Hollywood Reporter, the Pirates movies sold a timber-shivering 47,000 units in the US, with the Matrix box set shifting around 14,000. Obviously there's a price difference between the two products. There are two versions of the Matrix box set -- one costs $64 (£32), while the other, better version goes for $74 (£37) -- whereas the two Pirates movies together come to a grand total of $48 (£24).

Another point being made is that, quite simply, the second two Matrix movies utterly, utterly sucked and as such, no one in their right mind would admit they exist, let alone pay good money to own them. A fair point, we think you'll agree. Although that doesn't take into account the unremitted arrr-fulness of the second Pirates.

You could also make the point that The Matrix will sooner or later be available on Blu-ray, although possibly on a restricted number of players with full Blu-ray Java support. Whereas Pirates is unlikely to ever be available on HD DVD, because of Disney's stubborn attitude. Anyone who remembers the 'rental' DVD format 'DIVX' it supported will know it doesn't have a brilliant track record with this stuff.

Crave doesn't actually care which format claims victory, we just want this pointless bickering to end so we can settle down to some lovely high-definition jiggery-pokery in whatever format we like. -Ian Morris