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BlackBerry Cyclone could be RIM's Apple TV rival

BlackBerry maker RIM could be working on a media hub like Apple TV. Code-named the BlackBerry Cyclone, the device would plug into your telly and stream movies and films over Wi-Fi.

RIM, the beleaguered maker of BlackBerry phones, is working on a media hub that could rival Apple TV. That's according to BlackBerry enthusiast site Nerdberry.

Supposedly code-named the 'BlackBerry Cyclone', the device would plug into your telly via HDMI and fill your living room with glorious televisual wonder, funnelling movies and TV shows over your home Wi-Fi connection.

The Cyclone will reportedly come with YouTube and Netflix built in, although, if the device does ever make it to market, there's every chance the UK will wind up with different companies supplying the content. Nerdberry says the Cyclone will launch in the autumn.

We heard whispers of such a device earlier in the month. Allegedly RIM's media hub would run the same QNX operating system as the PlayBook and the rumoured BlackBerry Superphone, which supposedly will pack a 4.3-inch touchscreen.

RIM already offers something that sounds rather like the Cyclone, the BlackBerry Presenter, a plucky little gadget that plugs into a projector or monitor and lets you run PowerPoint presentations using a BlackBerry mobile. Sounds like great fun.

We wouldn't be surprised if RIM were to launch a media hub, but we're not convinced it would be a smart move. Yesterday we reported that the PlayBook tablet hasn't made RIM any money, because the company discounted the first 500,000 units, expecting to make up the costs in later sales, which never materialised. Now might not be the time to start any crazy new ventures.