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My Favorite 4K Blu-ray Player Is $100 Off for Cyber Monday

Amazon has the Panasonic UB820 4K Blu-ray player for $100 off for Cyber Monday.

Mat Paget
2 min read
4K Blu-ray player

We've said goodbye to the Black Friday week, but we're not quite done with the deals just yet. Cyber Monday is only a few days away, and the vast majority of discounts are still available, with a ton of new ones coming every day. One of my personal favorite deals is this price drop on the fantastic Panasonic UB820 4K Blu-ray player. It's only $398 for Cyber Monday, down from its regular price of $500. If you love movies, both new and old, then you owe it to yourself to get the best possible movie-watching experience, something this 4K Blu-ray player can offer.

The Panasonic UB820 isn't the most expensive player out there, but the majority of enthusiasts consider it the holy grail of 4K Blu-ray players. Along with my LG C-series OLED TV (which is also on sale for Cyber Monday), it's my favorite way to watch movies thanks to its support for gorgeous Dolby Vision HDR and immersive Dolby Atmos sound.

I love 4K Blu-ray players because they're capable of offering the best quality image, audio, and HDR for any movie that's available in the format. Streaming in 4K on Netflix is only transmitted at 25Mbps, but a 4K Blu-ray transmits it four times faster. This results in a superior experience when it comes to every aspect of movie watching.

Another great thing about 4K Blu-rays is that old movies that were shot on 35mm film can be shown at their highest quality since first being projected in theaters. That's because 35mm films can roughly be equated to 8K resolution, meaning they can be blown up to a huge size without losing image detail in the theater. So if the original 35mm film negatives have been preserved and taken care of, studios can have the work done to make magnificent presentations on 4K Blu-ray. Some of my favorite 4K Blu-rays that exemplify this are Heat, Raging Bull and Casino -- yes, I'm quite the De Niro fan.

Many companies and boutique outlets may also work with the director or cinematographer to create a presentation that matches their original intent, giving you an experience that's as close to seeing a movie in the theater as if you were really there in the past. 

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