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Best TVs for the big game 2021

A certain huge football contest calls for a new screen. Here's our favorites at 65 inches and up.

On Sunday, Feb. 7 the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to determine the 2021 pro football championship. Pitting quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes against one another promises to create one of the most exciting matchups in years. But is your TV up to the task?

Big games like this are a great excuse to invest in a big screen, and TV makers and retailers are rolling out their 2021 discounts. Price cuts aren't quite as deep as they were on Black Friday, but you'll still find some of our favorite TVs on sale. Here's some deals on the best TVs starting at 65 inches and going up (way up) from there. And remember that if it doesn't ship in time for Sunday, check a traditional store like Walmart or Best Buy for pick-up options.

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Yes you can get a 65-inch TV for under $500 for the big game, but just a little more money gets you a lot better picture quality. The Vizio M7 delivered excellent performance for the price in our review, thanks to full-array local dimming that's not available in cheaper models. It's also the only TV in this price range to support VRR for next-gen gaming.

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$1,199 at Amazon
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Speaking of picture quality, it doesn't get any better than the LG CX. Available for just over its Black Friday low, now is the perfect time to invest in the amazing image quality of OLED. I don't expect big improvements from the 2021 version, and prices won't return to this level until fall.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

Let's back it up a notch. If you don't demand the absolute best image quality but you still want to go big, here's a great compromise. We haven't reviewed the PX yet but we expect it to perform as well, if not better than, the TCL 6-Series (which is largely unavailable at major retailers in this size). 


So what if image quality isn't your highest priority -- but size is? This is a great price on an absolutely gigantic TV. It won't perform as well as the Vizios or the Sony on this list, but it's from a reputable brand and size makes up for a lot.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The best deal on a series we've reviewed at an 85-inch size is this Sony. Picture quality was excellent -- it will certainly perform better than that cheaper Samsung -- and while the price isn't as good as it was on Black Friday, it's still a solid deal.

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Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Wait, 85 inches isn't big enough for you? Maybe it's time to consider a home theater projector. This BenQ is our favorite for the money, with enough light output to enjoy the game without requiring a completely dark room -- although that will help.

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