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Basswall conceals 200 watts of wireless 'hide-fi' behind your wall art

The Basswall campaign on Kickstarter is a practical solution for cramped spaces that hides a big sound system behind a 24-by-36-inch picture frame.

Basswall is a 200-watt self-contained Bluetooth speaker hidden behind a standard poster-sized picture frame.

We all want high-powered, concert-quality sound in our homes, but not everyone has the space for a bulky stereo receiver and a pair of speakers.

The Basswall is a practical solution for cramped spaces. It hides a big sound system behind a picture frame that's 24 by 36 inches (61 by 91 cm). Basswall calls itself the "stealth ninja" of Bluetooth speakers, and here's how it works: four speakers and a bass port mounted on top of the frame fire up toward the ceiling and mounting wall to distribute sound across a 180-degree plane.

The open space inside is filled with a special sound-damping material that creates an analog amplification effect, similar to what happens when you put your phone inside an empty glass container. The company claims it can fill a room with a big sound from a relatively confined source.

It fits any standard-sized poster so you have infinite freedom to switch out the artwork as you please. Aside from the way the frame delivers sound, Basswall works the same as other Bluetooth speakers -- it requires no additional software aside from the source application on your phone or PC.

The company just opened its Kickstarter campaign and hopes to reach funding in a little over a month. Check out the early bird specials for discounts on the retail price, currently set at £599, which converts to around $775 or AU$1,015.

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