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Apple's Siri Speaker is reportedly in the works

The rumored voice-control speaker is said to come with surround sound, no touchscreen and will allow for integration with Apple products.

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 5. 


We're learning a bit more about Apple's alleged Siri speaker as the rumor mill heats up before the company's annual developer conference.

The voice-control speaker is reportedly already being manufactured, according to Bloomberg, and an unveiling at the Worldwide Developers Conference is possible. The device likely won't be available until later this year, however.

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg says the device will come without a touchscreen, offer virtual surround sound technology, will allow for Apple Music integration and function as a HomeKit hub. Apple will also reportedly let third parties build services for it.

For Apple, a smart speaker is a long time coming. Its smart home platform, HomeKit, was announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014. In the meantime, Google and Amazon have introduced their Google Home and Amazon Echo voice-control speakers.

Three years later, Apple has yet to introduce a voice-control speaker that isn't tied to its mobile software iOS.

Apple didn't respond to request for comment.