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CNET's guide to mastering the new Apple TV

Everything you need to know about Apple's new streaming box.


The new Apple TV has arrived. The streaming box from Apple features a redesigned remote control, a revamped interface and a full App Store. In addition to streaming content from Netflix, Hulu and other services, the Apple TV doubles as a gaming console.

Read on to learn more about all of the cool new features the Apple TV is capable of. This guide will be updated frequently with more tips and tricks from members of our How To and Reviews team, so be sure to keep checking back.

Getting started

How to get Spotify and Amazon Video on the new Apple TV: You can use AirPlay from a Mac or iOS device to stream content to your TV. Here's what you need to know.

How to pair a game controller to the new Apple TV: A few seconds of your time is all that's stopping you from using a dedicated game controller to play iOS games on your TV.

Navigating the interface

How to quickly switch between, close apps on the new Apple TV: It's surprisingly similar to multitasking on iOS.

How to arrange, delete Apple TV apps: You can quickly and easily arrange app icons on your Apple TV, just as you would on any other iOS device.


How to rename your Apple TV: Have multiple Apple TV's on the same network? Renaming each one will make it easier to identify your devices.

How to force restart the new Apple TV: Sometimes, the best way to deal with slow performance is to restart your Apple TV.