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Apple reportedly pauses HomePod update after claims of bricked speakers

The iOS 13.2 rollout for HomePod does not appear to be going smoothly.

If you have a HomePod you may want to hold off on updating it to iOS 13.2.
Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Apple's rollout of iOS 13.2 doesn't seem to be going smoothly for HomePod users. In posts on Reddit, Twitter and on forums at websites like MacRumors it HomePod owners are noting how the latest update seems to have bricked their speakers. 

As spotted by MacRumors, the issues for some have popped up immediately after installing the new software while others have experienced "white swirls" after trying to reset the HomePod to try and fix the issue, with the site reporting that Apple has since pulled the update. Among the issues are HomePods not responding or new features like voice detection not working. 

Reddit user ValidNull wrote in a post on the site's HomePod subreddit that, in talking with Apple Support after resetting his HomePod to try and fix an Apple Music playback issue, he would be mailing in his speaker to Apple to be replaced. "Apple wants to replace the HomePod as they believe there is no solution to this issue," he wrote, "So they are suggesting to either take it to the nearest Apple Store or Mail In. I personally went with mail in."

Twitter user Christophe Rochez tried resetting his HomePod after updating to the new software because it "wasn't working as expected" when his device got stuck in that white swirl loop. 

In an official support document, Apple is recommending that people don't reset the HomePod after updating to iOS 13.2 on the speaker and, if you do, to contact Apple Support. 

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.