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Apple drops price of OS 3.1 for the iPod Touch

Amid all the iPod hubbub, Apple quietly lowers the price of the OS update for the iPod Touch.

Rhapsody forces my hand Jasmine France/CNET

The retirement of the 1GB Shuffle wasn't the only thing that flew under the radar amid all the Apple-created chaos Wednesday: the company also rather quietly lowered the price of the OS 3.1 software update for iPod Touch owners.

Those who follow MP3 Insider know that I railed against the $10 price tag and refused to purchase the refresh. Unfortunately, I was forced to back down while trying to test the new Rhapsody app, which requires OS 3.1. Imagine my surprise when the price at check-out was a mere $4.95--still not ideal (that would be free), but much more reasonable.

According to Gizmodo, the price cut is a result of so few iPod Touch owners upgrading the software. Um, no kidding, Apple...because it was an absurd price point for those of us who already spent plenty of dough picking up the Touch to begin with. Better late than never, I guess.