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AOL Music migrates to Napster

Deal to replace download service gained in MusicNow acquisition, preserve members' existing music libraries.

AOL announced on Friday that it has struck a deal with music service Napster as the subscription provider for its AOL Music site. Napster will be fully integrated into AOL Music, and it will replace the existing AOL Music Now service. The 350,000 subscribers to AOL Music Now will be notified that their accounts will be migrating automatically to Napster unless they choose to opt out; according to a statement from AOL, the transition is expected to be seamless, with former Music Now customers able to keep their usernames and passwords.

AOL started offering its Music Now service after acquiring MusicNow from Circuit City in late 2005. AOL anticipates that the transition from Music Now to Napster will be completed within 60 days. Additionally, the Time Warner Web service provider has said Napster will preserve members' existing music libraries.