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Analyst: Apple TV set will reinvent TVs, have Siri

An analyst reckons Apple's rumoured TV set will reinvent the product category, sync with iTunes and iCloud, and have Siri.

We brought you news last week that Apple has a standalone TV set in the works -- well now an analyst has popped up to offer his 10 cents' worth. And he likey, to use the proper analytical term.

Brian White from Ticonderoga Securities says Apple's introduction to the TV market could 'reinvent' the product category, BGR reports. "We believe the TV experience is in need of greater simplicity and innovation, providing Apple with [an] opportunity to yet reinvent another product category and develop even closer ties with its customers," White wrote in a note to investors.

Ticonderoga uncovered evidence of the Apple set as far back as June, according to White. He said Apple stands to make $100bn from a smart TV. "For Apple, we believe the Smart TV market represents a significant new revenue opportunity for the company, while bringing Apple into a consumer's living room and providing the digital hub in a home.

"We believe a product could hit the market in the coming quarters, opening up a new growth category for Apple and driving sales of existing products that play into the Apple digital ecosystem."

It won't be short of a few bells and whistles, according to White. "In our view, features such as Siri, FaceTime, the App Store, iTunes and gaming are a natural fit for a full blown Apple TV, combined with potential new features and technologies in the future." He added deep integration with iTunes and iCloud is also to be expected, as is "unrivalled aesthetics," and Apple charging between two and three times as much as competitors' smart TVs. Sounds like Apple to us.

Gaming was the last area White touched on, noting Game Centre has 67m registered users, and Apple's TV could extend its offerings to the big screen.

Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, the Apple TV set "will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it."