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An inside look at the iPod Touch

A tech Web site tears down a third-generation iPod Touch for the fun of it.

If there is one unfulfilled dream the MP3 Insiders have, it's the ability to pry open every set of headphones and every MP3 player we ever get our hands on and see what's going on inside. That, and the option to perform "stress tests," aka dropping said devices out of a window at least 10 stories from the ground. Luckily, there are sites out there that indulge in such destructive festivities.

One of them is iFixit, which has posted a well-documented teardown of the third-generation iPod Touch. One of the more interesting details? This Touch includes a chip capable of transmitting an FM signal. (Feel free to speculate as to how much Apple is going to charge for activating this extra in the comments below.) Click the pic to check out the full story.