Amazon says it has 34 million Fire TV users, building lead on Roku

The streaming wars continue to heat up.

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Eli Blumenthal

Amazon says it has 34 million monthly active Fire TV users, building a roughly 5 million user lead on rival Roku in the battle between streaming platforms. 

The news was revealed by Jennifer Prenner, Amazon's Fire TV general manager and head of marketing, in an interview with Cheddar published Wednesday from the Pay TV Show in Colorado. 

With 34 million users Amazon seems to be building on its lead over rival Roku, which announced on March 31 that it had 29.1 million active accounts. 

At CES in January Amazon told CNET that it had 30 million active users, compared to Roku's 27 million active accounts. 

Roku says that it defines an active account as one that has streamed content in the last 30 days, telling CNET that it views "accounts as a proxy for a household so there can be more than one device." Amazon did not immediately respond to a CNET request for comment on how it classifies monthly active users. 

Both companies have been making aggressive plays in recent years to become the gateway for how people watch content on their televisions , moving from placing their software on streaming boxes and sticks to allowing TV manufacturers to directly embed their respective interfaces into televisions.