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Amazon hints new Apple TV is imminent

In the US, Amazon has cut the price of the Apple TV and referred to it as last year's model; is a refresh imminent?

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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A nifty bit of detective work suggests that a new Apple TV could be about to touch down.

In the US, Amazon has dropped the price of the current model by $10, but not only that, it's started referring to it as the 2010 version, hinting that a new model is on the way,  reports 9to5mac.

Amazon lists the most recent versions of other Apple products as the newest versions, so this nomenclature could let on more than the seller intended. (Of course, it could just be ramming home the point that it is a year old, whereas most Apple products are refreshed about a year or so after launch.)

On Amazon in the UK it's still listed as New Apple TV. The price has been dropped by £7, though it's not clear whether that happened before the time of writing. The renaming of the US version could hint it'll get a refreshed model soon, while us Brits have to wait -- just as we do for iTunes Match. (We were already stiffed with the second generation Apple TV, with the US getting far more content than us.)

In his biography, Steve Jobs claimed to have come up with a new way of controlling the TV, but Apple's standalone set isn't expected until 2013. We'd be amazed if it launched in the first half of next year, let alone around this Christmas. But we're looking forward to it of course. Jobs claimed the set would "have the simplest user interface you could imagine," so we're expecting Siri, and nothing less.

What would you like to see from an updated Apple TV? A hard drive, just like the first generation? More UK content? Integrated iPod dock? Let us know on our Facebook page.