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Amazon Fire TV with Alexa is getting built into TVs, no box or stick required

Watch out Roku TV: Amazon's Fire TV system will soon operate inside TVs from Element, Sieki and Westinghouse, complete with thousands of streaming apps and an included Alexa voice remote.

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Smart TVs have been around for years, but many people still stream their Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other videos using an external device like a Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. Those devices offer more apps, more frequent updates and a better streaming experience than many built-in smart TV systems.

In the last couple of years, platforms like Roku and Google's Android TV have been built directly into some televisions, so you don't need to connect an external streamer at all. Now Amazon is doing the same thing with its Fire TV platform.

Coming later this year are 4K TVs from Westinghouse, Seiki and Element with Amazon Fire TV built-in, the television makers announced today at CES 2017. They'll provide access to the thousands of apps, games and Alexa skills found on external Fire TV gadgets like the Fire TV Stick. And just like those devices, the TVs will include a remote with a microphone that can be used to access the Alexa voice assistant, including content search and control of smart home devices.

Similar to the Roku TVs from TCL and other makers we like so much, these "Amazon Fire TV Edition" sets promise improved ease of use, too. There's no need to switch inputs to watch Netflix, for example, and both streaming as well as standard TV watching can be accessed from a single remote.

Here are their specifications:

  • Available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes
  • 4K resolution
  • Alexa voice remote included
  • 3GB memory, 16GB internal storage
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity

For more on the Fire TV system's capabilities, check out our review of the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote.

The TVs will go on sale later this year at and major retailers. Pricing was not announced.