Amazon Fire TV Stick comes to UK for £7, if you're new to Amazon Prime

The thumb-sized streaming stick puts online services like iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video on your telly.

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick plugs into the back of your telly for online services on the bigger screen. Sarah Tew / CNET

Stick this in your telly and fire it up: Amazon is launching the Fire TV Stick in the UK, and there's a heavy discount if you get in there quick -- if you're prepared to fork out for Amazon Prime, that is.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a thumb-sized streaming device that plugs into your TV's HDMI port and lets you beam movies and TV shows from the Internet to the big screen. It will be delivered on 15 April, but if you buy it before 9am on Thursday 26 March, there are a couple of discounts available. If you're currently an Amazon Prime subscriber -- which costs £79 per year -- the Fire TV Stick costs just £19. And if you haven't got Amazon Prime yet but you sign up when you buy the TV Stick, the cost of the Stick is reduced to just £7. Full details of the discounts can be found at Amazon UK.

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After Thursday the Stick costs £35. That's also the price if you don't have Amazon Prime, but then the main reason to buy one in the first place is to access Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The Fire TV Stick plugs various online services into your telly, including BBC iPlayer and Netflix. But the main advantage is that it's the best option for Amazon Prime Instant Video, the movie and TV streaming service included in an Amazon Prime subscription. The service has some TV shows -- including some original shows like "Bosch" and the award-winning "Transparent" -- as well as plenty of movies, based on the service that used to be called LoveFilm.

Other streaming options include the Roku Streaming Stick , which costs £39; the £30 Google Chromecast ; and the £10 Now TV set-top box , which provides affordable dish-free access to sport, movies and TV shows from Sky. Further up the price spectrum is the Roku 3 at around £70 and the Apple TV Box, which starts at £60.

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