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Alan Partridge is back and you can watch him here

North Norfolk Digital is proud to announce that broadcasting legend Alan Partridge is back on the radio -- and you can watch him on your computer right here.

...And that was Bruce Hornsby and the Range, with the classic That's Just the Way It Is... "some things will never change". Speaking of things that never change, tune into North Norfolk Digital radio for new show Mid-Morning Matters, presented by broadcasting legend Alan Partridge. Alan's living up to his catchphrase, "Back of the net" -- the Inter-net that is!

The man who made the chat show respectable with Knowing Me, Knowing You and I'm Alan Partridge has returned -- like James Bond -- to host a lively blend of chat, phone-ins, hilarious banter, and chat, right here on North Norfolk's largest digital radio station.

The first episode of Alan's brand-new series, sponsored by Fosters lager beer, is up right now on the YouTube to watch on your webcams. Alan is joined by his wacky sidekick Sidekick Simon as they discuss condiments, fat kids on bikes and Anthea 'The Body' Turner, the Ford Escort Cabriolet of middle-aged women.

Click play on the video below to visit the North Norfolk Digital site for a masterclass in chat from a true local radio legend.

It's not the first time Alan has been the inspiration for one of these new-fangled digital thingies, after the Monkey Tennis game that you can play on your Apple's iPhoner.

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, that comedian chap who looks a bit like Alan is back on telly. Steve Coogan appears alongside Rob Brydon on the BBC's The Trip. We think it's supposed to funny, we can never tell these days. We preferred it when they put a laugh in there so you knew when to laugh.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts, and don't forget to share your favourite Alan moment. Next up it's Chris with the traffic, after Bruce Hornsby and the Range with the classic That's Just the Way It Is...