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How well do you know your strange Oscars moments? Take our quiz

The Academy Awards can get pretty long and tedious, which is why unexpected moments stand out so much. See how well you remember the most bizarre happenings in Oscars history.

The Academy Awards might be a tightly scripted show, but that doesn't mean mischief and mayhem don't sneak in. Every year, it seems there's at least one moment on the red carpet or during the actual ceremony when some carefully planned moment goes off course or a celebrity or two gives the tabloids yet another good reason to put them on the front page.

Who knows what could happen this year? The bear from "The Revenant" could barge its way into the theater and demand that Leonardo DiCaprio give it the award for doing most of the "heavy lifting." Comedian Chris Rock could tell a joke that actually makes the most humorless actors in the audience crack a grin.

What better way to get an idea of the weirdness that might be in store for the 2016 Oscars this Sunday than by looking back at past Academy Awards strangeness? Take our quiz to see how closely you've been paying attention. Then be sure to brag about how well you did at that Oscars party you're attending.