8 out of 10 regret buying a 3D TV, survey says

A new survey finds 79 per cent of 3D TV owners regret buying their 3D televisions because of expensive extras and a lack of stuff to watch.

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Richard Trenholm
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As films like The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Frozen, and Gravity battle for the box office in 3D, more than three quarters of 3D TV owners regret buying their 3D televisions, according to a new survey.

Having bought a 3D television in order to feast their eyes on the latest technology, 79 per cent of 3D TV owners surveyed said they regret the purchase, unhappy at the lack of 3D stuff to watch and the need to keep shelling out for more kit even after you've got the telly home.

Discount website VoucherCodesPro.co.uk asked 1,172 owners of 3D televisions for their thoughts on the gogglebox adding an extra dimension to their living room -- and they were almost universally underwhelmed for various reasons. More than half felt there was a shortage of 3D films and channels to watch, and a similar number were annoyed that after forking out for the telly they'd have to buy extras, such as more glasses.

Nearly a third complained of nausea, headaches and dizziness while watching 3D, while a quarter felt uncomfortable wearing specs.

Most decent high-definition televisions these days have 3D built-in as a bonus, but you never have to use it and can still watch regular telly and movies without any difference. Manufacturers have been pushing 3D despite general consumer apathy, especially Sony -- which is in the unique position of making movies as well as the kit that you watch them on.

But 3D adds very little to most movies like The HobbitMan of Steeland Star Trek Into Darkness, although there are honourable exceptions such as Life of Pi and the recent Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode.

Do you own a 3D TV? Do you enjoy the extra dimension, or do you regret buying it? Is there enough 3D stuff to watch? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook -- you won't regret it.