Free Pokemon Available for Pokemon Sword and Shield This Weekend

Tune in to Pokemon's European International Championships for a free Dracovish.

Kevin Knezevic Former staff writer
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Kevin Knezevic

Pokemon's European International Championships kick off on Apr. 22.

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon is hosting its European International Championships this weekend, and to commemorate the event, players can claim a free Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The Pokemon Company is distributing a special Dracovish during this weekend's competition via Mystery Gift. To claim the free Pokemon, fire up your copy of Sword or Shield and follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu screen and select Mystery Gift
  2. Select Get a Mystery Gift
  3. Select Get with a Code/Password
  4. Follow prompts to connect online
  5. Input the code EU1C2022G1FT
  6. Save your game

The Dracovish being given away is based on the one used by competitor Marco Silva during the 2020 Pokemon Oceania International Championships. It comes equipped with a Choice Scarf, has an Adamant nature, and knows the following attacks: Fishious Rend, Rock Slide, Crunch and Dragon Rush. You have until Apr. 25 to redeem the Mystery Gift code and claim the Pokemon.

The European International Championships kicked off on Friday, Apr. 22, and run through Sunday, Apr. 24, with dedicated tournaments for Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokken Tournament DX, Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Each competition will be streamed on its own Twitch channel. You can learn more about when each stream will begin and how to watch them on the official Pokemon website.