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Zynga Boston team starts new mobile-gaming studio

The new studio, known as Proletariat, announced its upcoming title, Letter Rush, which will offer an arcade-like spin on word-find.


Five senior members of the Zynga Boston office, which the gaming company closed in October, have picked up the pieces and started anew.

Senior members of the Zynga Boston team announced today that their new mobile-gaming studio, Proletariat, is open for business. To commemorate the launch, the company announced its first title, Letter Rush.

According to Proletariat, Letter Rush will launch next week for the iPhone and iPad. The title will provide arcade-like gameplay on "the classic word-find mechanic." The title will support both single- and multiplayer gaming.

Zynga, which has been going through its fair share of trouble over the last year or so, announced the Zynga Boston closure in October. That closure accompanied a 5 percent workforce reduction as Zynga attempted to refocus its ailing operation.

The closed Zynga Boston office was the beginning of a rash of closures. Just yesterday, Zynga announced that it would close its Baltimore office and consolidate its operations in Texas and New York.

Proletariat's founders were originally part of Conduit Labs, the startup Zynga acquired in 2010.

"We all want to make successful games, both creatively and as a business," Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak said today in a statement. "This team has been on both sides and knows how to find that balance."