Ziggurat Interactive brings back Deadly Dozen, Super Huey to modern era

This new gaming startup is digging a little deeper into the retro games catalog.

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Deadly Dozen

Deadly Dozen is just one of the games coming back.

Ziggurat Interactive

Retro games are a blast to play, but not all of them are work on modern gaming platforms. Publisher Ziggurat interactive plans to bring back some of those classic titles and give them new life. By digging deeper in the retro catalog than obvious picks like Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil 3, the company hopes to carve out a niche in a space dominated by high-profile rereleases from Nintendo, Sega and others. 

Deadly Dozen, Super Huey and Forbidden Forest are the first three hidden gem retro games coming from Ziggurat Interactive later in 2020. These titles will be remastered and adapted to run with the latest PC hardware.

Released for PCs in 2001, Deadly Dozen is a WWII squad-based shooter that lets players choose from 12 squadmates each with their own skillset. Super Huey is a helicopter flight simulator that came out on the Commodore 64 in 1985. Forbidden Forest put players in the role of an archer who cleanses the woods of evil when it was first available in 1983. 

"Everyone at Ziggurat shares a passion for classic and modern games, and we've turned that passion into a game company that will be unlike any other," said Ziggurat CEO Wade Rosen. "For each classic game we work with, we're doing more than just reworking it --  we're improving upon it in ways that are respectful to the original while preserving what the fans loved about it, and also boosting the 'awesome' of it for modern players."

Ziggurat has several other retro remasters in the works that will be out sometime in the future.