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Zelda meets God of War in Insomniac's new action game

From the makers of Ratchet and Clank comes new game Feral Rites.

Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac Games has revealed a new action game titled Feral Rites. Creative director Marcus Smith, who also directed the Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive, has described the gameplay as having the "exploration of Zelda" and the "all-out combat" of God of War.

Feral Rites will launch exclusively on the Oculus Rift this fall. The player can choose whether to play as a male or female main character, and will be able to transform into different beasts to use special abilities and powers. The concept art revealed thus far has a Celtic myth vibe.

Insomniac Games

Players will be able to fight in a combo-based combat system and unlock extra gear to customize their character. Gameplay isn't just limited to fighting on the ground either -- midair combos and executions will be a part of the combat.

Insomniac Games revealed more information on several upcoming titles such as The Unspoken, an Oculus Rift-exclusive game which features first-person magic casting. GameSpot recently got hands-on with the game; check out what editor Mike Mahardy thought of the experience in our full write-up.