Your sealed copy of Fortnite might be worth hundreds of dollars

That is, if you somehow resisted the temptation to open it.

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Unopened copies of Fortnite for PS4 and Xbox are reselling at crazy prices.

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Have an unopened copy of Fortnite lying around? It could be worth a lot of money.

Sealed physical copies of Fortnite for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are reselling for hundreds of dollars online, as noted by GameSpot. Copies on eBay have sold for $200 to $400, while some people are paying up to $500.

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Yes, some of these are actually selling.

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That's crazy if you consider that Fortnite is free to download on these consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS devices.

GameSpot reports that Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, no longer makes physical copies of the game for PS4 or Xbox, and is focusing on free digital downloads instead. So if you're a collector, you may have to pay crazy resale prices to get a sealed copy. Or if you have a copy you don't care about, you might be able to get a pretty penny for it.

Fortnite isn't available for Android devices yet, and some download links are actually scams.

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