Your burning Destiny: Taken King questions, answered

Bungie discusses Exotic blueprints, double vault space, Gjallarhorn changes, Legendary Marks, and more.

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GameSpot Staff
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During an hour-long video broadcast this week, Bungie shared a ton of new details about the numerous and substantial ways in which Destiny is changing for the game's upcoming Taken King expansion.

It was a lot to take in. Now, Bungie says it recognizes fans may still have some questions about how it's all going to shake out. Thankfully, then, Bungie has published a detailed Q&A that provides some answers.

Below are some top community questions and Bungie's answers, as featured in this week's Bungie Weekly Update. They cover topics like Destiny's new doubled vault space, changes to the uber-powerful Gjallarhorn, Legendary Marks, and lots more.

Not enough for you? Bungie will make even more Taken King announcements next Wednesday and the Wednesday after, ahead of the expansion's release on September 15.

Take a look at the Destiny: Taken King questions and answers below.

Why are the numbers on the Guardians different?

  • We've altered the way Light and Level are calculated to enable a more streamlined evolution of your characters.
  • Leveling up your Guardian is now a product of earning experience in the game.
  • Increasing your Light is now a product of acquiring and equipping more powerful gear.

How will you calculate the new numbers you'll assign to my Guardians in Year Two?

  • We'll determine your level based on the gear in your inventory and your Vault.
  • Don't dismantle your best stuff before you begin your Year Two adventure.

What about weapons and my armor? The Attack and Defense ratings are different, too!

  • We've changed the values of Year One items to provide a unified experience that flows seamlessly into Year Two.
  • Aside from the weapon tuning in Update 2.0, your Year One weapons will perform in Year One activities as you would expect.

How do those Exotic Blueprints work?

  • When players discover an Exotic, they will also have discovered the Blueprint for it.

What do you mean by a Blueprint?

  • It's a schematic required to craft previously discovered weapons and armor.
  • Once you have collected a Blueprint for an Exotic, you can "purchase" it anew using the required forms of currency.

Blueprints enable us to acquire a copy of the same item?

  • Blueprints provide you with a new item that must be upgraded.
  • The Blueprint stations are not an extension of your Vault -- your space there has been doubled for easy access to your favorite upgraded items.

Where are my Blueprints stored?

  • Blueprints are stored in two collection stations near the Vanguards in the Hall of Guardians: one for Exotic Weapon Blueprints; one for Exotic Armor Blueprints.

How do I unlock new Blueprints?

  • They are archived automatically when you discover a new Exotic.

Can I share them between my Guardians?

  • Yes: Blueprints for discovered Exotics can be accessed by any character on your account.

Which Exotics will be available in Year Two?

  • In addition to a bunch of brand new Exotics for you to discover in Year Two, we're redesigning and redeploying select Exotics from Year One.
  • For example: No Backup Plans has been redesigned.
    • We significantly extended the duration of the old perk "Improved Disintegrate."

Did you redesign Gjallarhorn?

  • Gjallarhorn will remain a Year One Exotic at Year One levels.

How can I acquire the Year Two Exotics that have evolved from Blueprints I discovered in Year One?

  • Select weapons and armor pieces that have been redesigned for Year Two can be purchased for Legendary Marks, assuming you discovered the original Year One Blueprints.

What are Legendary Marks?

  • Legendary Marks will replace Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks as a new form of unifying currency in the Tower.

How can I earn Legendary Marks?

  • By completing Daily Story Chapters, Weekly Heroic Strikes, and Daily PVP Activities.
  • By dismantling Year Two Legendary items -- assuming you don't have the maximum value of 200 Legendary Marks associated with your player account.

Is there a weekly cap on Legendary Marks?

  • There is no cap to how many Legendary Marks a player can earn in a week.
  • The maximum number of Legendary Marks any player account can hold is capped at 200.

Can I also share Legendary Marks between my Guardians?

  • Legendary Marks are account-bound like Glimmer and shared across all of your characters.

What will happen to my old Vanguard and Crucible Marks from Year One?

  • When The Taken King is released, blocks of fifty Vanguard and Crucible Marks will be converted into one reputation consumable.

Now that my nameplate displays my Light and Level, where can I strut my Grimoire score?

  • It will be displayed under your Level when your Guardian is inspected.

Are you raising the Glimmer Cap?

  • The Glimmer cap remains as it has been in Year One.
  • You'll have plenty to spend it on in Year Two.

Can we have more Vault space?