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Xbox unveils stylish see-through Phantom Black and gray/blue controllers

Bringing back see-through controllers in a big way.

Microsoft released two Xbox controllers in brand-new color options: phantom black (left) and gray/blue (right).

Not all gamers want to use boring monochrome or wildly colorful controllers.

Microsoft just unveiled two new Xbox One controllers that are surprisingly stylish yet reserved as far as video game accessories go. They are the Special Edition Phantom Black and gray/blue wireless controllers. Both are available for preorder now at the Microsoft Store website.

The Phantom Black controller gives you a look at its internals.


The Phantom Black controller comes in a black and champagne gold gradient. The black top half of the controller is translucent, which reminds us of old-school see-through controllers. (Throwback to my old translucent N64 controller and Game Boy Color). It's one of the few clear controllers you can get for Xbox One (there are also translucent third-party controllers).

The Phantom Black controller costs $70 (or £60/AU$100) and releases worldwide Sept. 11.

A 360-degree view of the Phantom Black controller.


Meanwhile, the gray/blue controller adds a splash of light blue on top of a dark gray body. This controller costs $65 (or £55/AU$95) and releases in the US and Canada on Sept. 25 (Oct. 9 worldwide).

More angles of the gray/blue controller.