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Xbox Series X, S add two Seagate storage expansion options

You can store all those Game Pass titles on its 512GB or 2TB expansion cards.

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Sean Keane
Xbox Series X|S Seagate expansion

Xbox owners have additional Seagate storage expansion cards to choose from.


Microsoft on Thursday revealed two new Xbox Series X|S storage expansion options, which will come in handy if your console's internal memory is filling up with games and you're wondering where you'll store Halo Infinite on Dec. 8. However, Seagate's storage expansion cards aren't cheap.

The Seagate 512GB storage expansion card will set you back $140 and launches in mid-November. It's available for preorder from Walmart now.

Its 2TB storage expansion card will cost $400 and comes out in early December. It'll be available for preorder next month.

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Before now, the only Seagate expansion card you could get was its 1TB one for $220.

The $499 Series X comes with 1TB of internal storage, while the $299 Series S has 512GB. Since the Series S doesn't have an optical drive like the Series X, owners of the cheaper model have to download all their games, likely filling up that 512GB quickly.

However, Xbox's Smart Delivery system means that games optimized for the new consoles don't take up as much space on the Series S as the Series X.

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