Did a new Xbox just leak?

A German electronics store might've just spilled the beans on the latest Xbox.

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Microsoft is announcing Xbox One X pre-order details on Sunday.

Josh Miller

A German retailer's website might have just leaked a new Xbox.

The listing on the electronic store's site revealed a "Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition." Project Scorpio is the name of the Xbox capable of playing 4K and VR games that the company teased in 2016. 

There are also reports of other sites listing previously unheard-of Xbox One X editions that have since been taken down.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated "We don't have anything to announce today, but are looking forward to sharing more about Xbox One X with gamescom just around the corner. Tune in to the Xbox@gamescom live show on Sunday, August 20 at 12 p.m. PT for more information."

The in-store date for the Xbox One X is November 7.