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Xbox One Tour hits London in November, lets you play the One

Microsoft is touring the Xbox One console around the US and Europe, and will stop in the UK along the way.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Microsoft is hitting the road with the Xbox One. To promote the console, it's holding an Xbox One Tour, letting you get hands on with it and play some games ahead of the release.

The tour starts on 1 October (that's Tuesday), and will hit more than 75 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. London, Dublin, and Glasgow are among the tour's stops.

The tour will reach these shores in the second half of November. For more info, head to the UK page of the Xbox One Tour Website.

According to the US site, the One Tour has two parts: the Xbox One Test Drive, and Area One. Test Drive consists of four trucks kitted out with the console. They'll pull up somewhere in town, and let you get your game on. Area One, meanwhile, sounds a bit more after-hours. It's described as a party, with "live music, live gameplay, and more", offering you and your friends the chance to "paint the town green". It's only for over-18s as well. Blimey. I hope Microsoft doesn't repeat its past form when it comes to party entertainment.

Microsoft hasn't given dates for the Test Drive here in the UK. The Area One parties will be in Dublin from 14-17 November, and London from 21-24 November. I guess that means Glasgow will miss out on the Area One treatment, and just have the Test Drive trucks pull up.

You'll have to keep checking the site to see when you can register for the events.

The Xbox One goes on sale here in the UK on 22 November -- that's a week before its arch rival, the PS4. It'll be on sale during the London leg of the One Tour, so you could just nip to your local games shop and try it for yourself there. The console doesn't come cheap. It'll set you back £429, which is £80 pricier than the PS4.

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