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Xbox One to charge for Game DVR features and Skype

Expect to shell out for Xbox Live if you want to use the coolest new features of Microsoft's new console.

Fancy taking advantage of the Xbox One's clip-capturing or video-calling features? Be ready to break out your wallet.

An update to Microsoft's Xbox Live promo site has revealed that key aspects of its upcoming console will require a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which costs £40 per year.

That page lists Game DVR, which lets you record gameplay clips to share online, and video-chat service Skype, which is owned by Microsoft.

Other features that will be unavailable to non-paying Xbox One owners include TV channel browser OneGuide.

Microsoft already forces gamers to buy an Xbox Live subscription to pay games online, or to access entertainment apps such as Netflix, but I suspect having to pay to access the much-touted game-recording feature -- which stores your last 5 minutes of gameplay for editing and showing off to your mates -- will be the most galling for gamers.

Onehitpixel reports it's had confirmation from Microsoft that gamers will have to pay for Game DVR -- I've contacted the company myself, and will update this story if I hear back.

Update: Microsoft has been in touch to confirm, "Game DVR, SmartMatch and Skype will be available to Gold members on Xbox One."

The PlayStation 4 also records gameplay clips, but it's not clear yet whether you'll have to pay Sony for the privilege.

£40 gets you a year of Xbox Live. If that sounds like too much to stump up at once, you can also pay for three months of Xbox Live access for £15, or one month's worth for £5. Those options cost less, but arithmetic enthusiasts will have clocked that they're worse value in the long run, at £60 per year.

The Xbox One is already a pricey proposition, set to cost a wince-inducing £429. Ouch!

Xbox un-box'd

Microsoft has also published a video of the final Xbox One design, showing off the version of its new console that'll hit shop shelves come Christmas.

The clip is a chance to ogle the Xbox One -- and despair at exactly how much space it'll be taking up in your living room. I mean seriously, look at the size of the new Kinect sensor bar, you should be able to charge that thing rent.

Does paying for game recording put you off, or are you still enamoured with the Xbox One? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.