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Xbox One sales in Japan sink even lower

Microsoft's latest game console racked up only 1,314 unit sales in the country last week, says a Japanese gaming news site.

Following its launch in the US almost a year ago, the Xbox One has trailed Sony's PlayStation 4 in worldwide sales. Microsoft

The Microsoft Xbox One isn't exactly a hot seller in Japan.

Landing in Japan on September 4, Microsoft's game console suffered a poor launch weekend. During the first four days, Microsoft sold only 23,562 units, according to data cited by Gamespot. In contrast, the company sold around 62,000 Xbox 360 units during the first two launch days in Japan back in 2005.

Since then, sales have only gotten worse, according to gaming site Kotaku. During the second week of Xbox One sales in Japan, Microsoft sold only 3,015 consoles. During the same time, Sony sold twice as many PlayStation 3 game consoles and almost eight times as many PlayStation 4 consoles.

Last week saw an even bigger nose dive. Microsoft sold just 1,314 Xbox One consoles in Japan for the entire week, according to Japanese gaming news site 4Gamer.

Following its launch in the US almost a year ago, the Xbox One has trailed Sony's PlayStation 4 in sales, according to monthly data reported by research firm NPD. Retailers such as GameStop have tried promotions to help sell the console. Microsoft itself attempted to rev up sales by launching a Kinect-less Xbox One in June, after which the company said sales doubled though it failed to reveal specific numbers.

But the poor sales in Japan represent a new nadir for the Xbox One, especially compared with the competition. Nintendo's Wii U and Sony's PS4 are selling to the tune of at least 7,000 units each week in the country, according to Ars Technica. Even Sony's PS3 is racking up around 6,000 in sales on a weekly basis.

Just why is the Xbox One doing so badly in Japan? That's the question posed by Kotaku, with one possible answer -- lack of promotion. People seemed interested in the console during last week's Tokyo Game Show. But beyond that, Microsoft may simply not be generating sufficient buzz about the Xbox One.

"Still, I haven't seen any Xbox One ads on television," Kotaku reporter Brian Ashcraft said. "There are in-store displays, but nobody knows what the Xbox One is -- and if they do, all they know is that the console is bombing in Japan. I really wish Microsoft would put more of an effort into selling it."

Responding to CNET's request for a comment about Xbox One sales in Japan, a Microsoft spokesperson sent us the following statement:

Microsoft has a long-term commitment to the market and our fans in Japan. For us, success isn't just about console sales in the first month, it's about building strong relationships with developers and publishers, and helping creators build titles that reach the hearts of gamers.
We're excited to work with Japanese developers including Access Games, Platinum Games, Grounding Inc. and 5pd to bring exclusive titles like 'D4,' 'Scalebound,' 'Crimson Dragon,' and 'Psycho-Pass' to Xbox One. This holiday, we look forward to delivering a lineup of exclusive games including 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection,' 'Sunset Overdrive,' 'Forza Horizon 2,' 'Ori and the Blind Forest' and more.
We are excited about what we've heard from fans who purchased Xbox One, and thank them for their support. This is just the beginning.

Updated at 4:30 a.m. PT September 26 with a statement from Microsoft.