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Xbox One, PS4 'are a generation ahead' of best PC, says EA

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are more advanced than the best PC money can buy today, according to EA exec Rajat Taneja.

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are more advanced than the best PC money can buy today, according to EA's chief technology officer Rajat Taneja.

Writing on LinkedIn, the video game exec claims the new consoles' integrated systems-on-a-chip architecture "unleashes magnitudes more compute and graphics power than the current generation of consoles" and are "a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market."

That's because the new consoles are specifically designed to play games -- whatever Microsoft wants you to think -- with chips designed and integrated for very fast graphical processing.

"Their unique design of the hardware, the underlying operating system and the live service layer create one of the most compelling platforms to reimagine game mechanics," Taneja writes.

PCs can have enormous power, but they can't match this custom engineering, he's hinting. That's a bold claim, and not a particularly surprising one from a company that makes far more money from consoles than PCs. It'll be very interesting to see how the consoles measure up to gaming PCs when they're launched.

However they compare to high-end computers, the next-gen consoles are definitely a huge leap forward in performance from the ageing Xbox 360 and PS3.

"Our benchmarks on just the video and audio performance are 8-10 times superior to the current gen," Taneja claims. "The compute capabilities of these platforms and the data transfer speeds we can now bank on, essentially removes any notion of rationing of systems resources for our game engines.

"For a first-person shooter game like Battlefield 4, this means even more detailed gameplay, behaviour and awareness for characters and more detailed appearance down to the lighting and clothing on the soldiers."

The PS4 seems to have captured the attention of gamers more than the Xbox One, with many citing the PS4's superior componentry and Sony's focus on games in its unveiling.

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